Strategies to Conserve Farmland in Northern Berkshire County

In partnership with Berkshire Natural Resources Council (BNRC) and Berkshire Agricultural Ventures (BAV) we explored strategies for farmland preservation in Northern Berkshire County. Farm owners face increasing development pressures, issues with program accessibility, and farmland succession planning. Specifically, we investigated issues facing farmers in Cheshire, Lanesborough and Adams and proposed recommendations for preservation and conservation of individual parcels that meet the minimum criteria of certain state, local and federal programs. We conducted a GIS analysis of farmland in these municipalities and focused on parcels which are prime candidates for preservation that are not currently utilizing available assistance programs. Results will help these organizations steer their efforts towards furthering the preservation of existing farmland.

Anthropogenic Seismology: A look into Earthquakes and Fracking Activity in Oklahoma

This analysis focused on uncovering any meaningful significance between the location of M3+ earthquakes in 2015 and underground injection wells in Oklahoma. More specifically, I was interested in finding out what the probability that the distribution of earthquakes is occurring due to random chance. Defining and testing whether earthquakes occurring at a certain depth, location and magnitude are related to fracking activity is out of scope of this analysis. However, determining preliminary pattern analysis using GIS is a prudent first step.

Comparative Analysis: Commuting in Sonoma County, GA vs. Chatham County, GA

This was a simple map I made while pursuing undergraduate degree at MCLA in North Adams, MA. The data was publicly available and it was made using ArcMap. The map features skills in symbology, data representation in charts/graphs, as well as inset maps, legends and proper formatting. This map was authored in 2015.