With almost a decade of experience in recovery, I have a demonstrated ability to connect and guide people towards their goals. I have been a substance abuse recovery coach since 2013 and have worked in substance abuse treatment since 2010 in multiple capacities. My vast network of professional contacts and referral sources coupled with a deep understanding of regional resources allows me to consult with families and find solutions that fit your needs.

In addition to my training and experience supporting addiction recovery, I have formal training and education in environmental conservation and environmental resource management. The synergy between addiction recovery and environmental conservation is powerful and I’ve found that it provides my clients with a deeper and more enriching coaching experience.

Nature-based recovery coaching provides critical early recovery structure, accountability, and support while providing lasting, healing experiences in the outdoors. My clients find that by providing them outdoor education and recreational experiences on trails within the context of recovery coaching, they can connect with a deeper sense of self. Whether on a local trail or sitting and enjoying many of the scenic views of the Berkshires, being in nature has demonstrable effects of mental and spiritual health.

Connect with me and come outside for an experience that deepens your understanding of your place in nature and in your recovery.

Adam Galambos helps people navigate the recovery process through case management and recovery coaching. Serving the Northeast and based in the Berkshires. Call/text (617) 721-9355 or email hello@adamgalambos.com