With years of professional experience, I have a demonstrated ability to connect and guide people towards their recovery goals. I have been a substance abuse recovery coach since 2013 and have worked in substance abuse treatment since 2010 in multiple capacities. My vast network of professional contacts and referral sources coupled with a deep understanding of regional resources allows me to consult with families/individuals and find solutions that fit their needs.

I’m local to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts but many of my clients are non-locals and we do our coaching over Skype, Facetime or on the Phone. My goal is to connect with you on your terms and on your schedule. If we can see each other in person, great!

I have been trained by the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy and I’m also a recovery coach trainer. I’ve completed the NCRC-1 (Nationally Certified Recovery Coach) in addition to Intervention training through the Addictions Academy. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients for case management, coaching, and consultations for treatment placement.

You’re in recovery when you say you’re in recovery.

I’m simply a forward-looking agent of change. I guide you towards achieving your specific recovery goals and we celebrate the wins. Recovery coaching provides critical recovery structure, accountability, and support while providing lasting experiences that build recovery capital (the internal/external things that keep you focused on achieving your recovery goals).

My clients find that our sessions allow them to connect with a deeper sense of self. If you’re questioning your relationship with substances, please reach out to me.

I offer free consultations prior to any commitment so that we can see if we’re right for each other.

Deepen your understanding of your place in life and in your recovery. You’re worth it.

Adam Galambos helps people navigate the recovery process through case management and recovery coaching. Serving the Northeast and based in the Berkshires. Call/text (617) 721-9355 or email hello@adamgalambos.com